The Rise Above Bicycle Tour was a multi-year, cross-country campaign that promoted the physical expression of thousands of hours of rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury, the redefinition of an athletes spirit and the catalyst for inspiring human potential... Through the Power of Possibility.

Aaron Baker became the first recovering quadriplegic to pedal a bicycle across the United States of America not once, but twice! The tour commenced June 10th 2007 and ended September 26th, 2008.

By the numbers - Combined

  • 7,384 Miles Pedaled

  • 22 States Crossed

  • 58 Cities Visited

  • 186 Towns Passed Through

  • 26 Hospitals Visited

  • 21 Public Speaking Events

  • 18 News/Media Engagements

  • 1000+ Personal Connections


Rise Above Tour

San Diego Ca. - St. Augustine Fl. - 3,182 miles

RAT Map 2007.jpg


Rise Above Tour

San Fransisco Ca. - Washington D.C. - 4,202 miles

RAT Map 2008.jpg

2007 Tour Videos